List of substances

The Treaty is linked to a list of substances which have a key role in determining the appropriate discharge standard.

In the case of unit shipments the cargo hold or cargo tank need not be cleaned or washed (residues must be removed, however). In all other cases the type of cargo can be searched in appendix III of the Treaty, the so-called list of substances, according to the NST number.

The list of substances must always be consulted to establish the discharge standard of a vessel as well as the deposit and intake instructions with regard to the permitted discharge of washing water, rain and ballast water mixed with cargo residues.

The list is being updated, but for the initial period after the entry into force of the provisions of the Convention, this is still useful. An updated edition will very likely be produced on the basis of practical experience.

The list of substances can be found on the website of the CDNI ( under documents. Frequently asked questions and answers (FAQs) regarding part B will shortly be published.