Port waste reception facilities

PART A - In exchange for the payment of your disposal fee, you can get access to the recycling parks of the waterway and port authorities for free delivery of the oily and greasy waste. When you drop off oily and greasy waste, you must present your Eco-card and used-oil log.

PART C - You can also go to the recycling parks and the containers at the locks for the delivery of other waste generated from the operation of the vessel (solid waste). Some locations at the locks have been converted into sorting streets with containers for paper and cardboard, PMD (packaging waste), glass and residual waste.

Registration is always required for the delivery of other other waste generated from the operation of the vessel. Contact your waste reception facility or for more information via https://www.visuris.be/Binnenvaartservices.

A limited part such as residual waste, bulky waste and other special waste (paints and solvents) is charged. A rate applies in accordance with “the polluter pays principle” and can be consulted via the map of reception installations. You can still deliver all other waste generated from the operation of the vessel free of charge.

Household waste must be separated as much as possible into the recyclable categories of paper/cardboard, organic waste, glass, polystyrene foam, hard plastics, plastic wraps, PMD+(packaging waste) and residual waste. By maximizing the separation of the various waste fractions, you contribute to proper recycling and limit the volume of residual waste.

Click the Inzamelpunten milieuboot (milieuboot) or Inzamelpunten vaste stations (fixed station) or Inzamelpunten tankwagen (tanker) locations for details.


Port waste reception facilities - map show on a bigger map