Oily and greasy waste: Part A

Part A of the Implementation Regulation deals with waste originating from waterway transport. This relates in particular to the waste originating in the engine room of the vessels: waste oil, bilge water, grease, rags, used filters, etc. This waste is in principle the same for all ships of the inland waterway fleet, according to type.

It is generated according to how the vessels are deployed: the more frequently they sail, the more waste they generate. The quantity of waste generated also depends on the technical equipment and the condition of the machine room installation. The frequency with which an inland navigation vessel generates this waste therefore varies, but all vessels must inevitably dispose of these substances a few times per year.

A deposit can only be made by appointment (see wastecollectioncalendar) and can easily be requested via the application form.

With a view to optimising the waste collection in part A, there is a regular evaluation of the collection. See Collection Reporting, part A.