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Wat is Onshore Power Supply?

Onshore power supply (OPS) is the term used to indicate that a ship makes use of a connection to the shore power network. In principle, sailing ships use their own generators to generate electricity. However, running the diesel engines in the port is unnecessarily harmful to the environment. It mainly causes emissions of CO2, NOx and PM10 particles.




How does it work?

logo-connect4shore.pngConnect4Shore is the market leader in the field of offering services to skippers and end users, including port and mooring fees, water, Hydrogen, onshore power supply, and waste.

With the Connect4Shore App you can easily switch connexion for the use of shore power, water and/or waste, throughout the Netherlands and Belgium.



Where can you find our onshore power cabinets in Flanders?

Onshore power supply is already offered at a number of locations, below you will find an overview of the network of OPS facilities in Flanders and the necessary information on how you can use these facilities. See also 'Request OPS'. 

Zoom and click on a location for more information.