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CLINSH consortium invests in green and future-proof inland shipping

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Final report TEN-T project 'Shore Power in Flanders' 2012-BE-92063-S - 24/08/2016

The Project's overall objective is to establish a shore power network, including a uniform management and payment system, on a larger scale for inland navigation in Flanders to eventually contribute to its development as an environmental friendly alternative to road transport.

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River cruises to Eilandje, Antwerp now via shore power - 16/03/2016

Since February 2016, river cruise ships mooring on the Kattendijkdok Westkaai in the Eilandje district in Antwerp are able to use shore power. This means they do not need to use their generators to supply the necessary power onboard.

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Purchasing quayside electricity and drinking water at Wijnegem waiting port - 03/07/2015

In the context of further greening of inland water transport, De Scheepvaart is investing in quayside electricity infrastructure on the Albert Canal. From 06/07/2015, inland waterway companies can make use of the waiting port of Wijnegem on the Albert Canal for topping up electricity and drinking water. Inland waterway skippers can also dispose of their household waste in closed waste containers.

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Norm IEC 80005-3 concerning Low Voltage Shore Connection systems - 18/03/2015

At the end of 2014, the preliminary version (PAS) of IEC-80005-3: Utility connection port - Part 3: Low Voltage Shore Connection (LVSC) systems - General Requirements was published. The final version is expected during the second half of 2015.

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Onshore power bollards in the port of Antwerp - 11-2014

Antwerp Port Authority has installed seven new onshore power connection points on Quay 75, the barge holding dock, so that barges can draw electricity while they are at berth. Users have to register once here to gain access to the system. There is a charge for the service.


  • Activation

    Once you have connected to an available socket, there are three ways of activating the power supply :

    1. SMS ENI_number # socket number # start to 3040

    2. Call +32 70 210 121 and follow the instructions

    3. Visit your personal web page

    Then press the green start/restart button. If the power supply has been activated successfully, the green lamp flashes and you receive electricity.
    If the green light goes out then the supply has deactivated. You will then have to reactivate (maximum of two times): use the mobile number that you entered in your personal web page and follow the instructions carefully.

  • Deactivation

    There are three ways of deactivating the supply. After deactivating you have to unplug the connection.

    1. SMS ENI_number # socket number # stop to 3040

    2. Call +32 70 210 121 and follow the instructions

    3. Visit your personal web page

  • More info can be found on www.portofantwerp.com/en/onshorepower.

Study shows switch to on-shore power supply is beneficial for regular port users - 7/03/2013

The Zeebrugge port authority and POM West-Flanders have launched a study to investigate whether or not it is technically and financially interesting to install on-shore power supply facilities on the quays and on ships. The study was executed by the Ingenium bureau, who have selected the ships that call on Zeebrugge regularly and stay in our port for longer periods of time. For 25 percent of the calls in Zeebrugge, the study concluded positively. This is about 10 percent of the ships in Port of Zeebrugge. The results of this study were presented during a workshop this morning.

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First quayside electricity project started in port of Ghent - 12/9/2012

From 2014 onwards, seagoing vessels will be able to make use of quayside electricity for the first time in the port of Ghent. Moored vessels will then be able to connect to the quayside electricity grid, which will be of benefit to the environment. For this purpose, Ghent Port Company and DFDS Seaways joined forces. It will be a first for both.

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Shore power coordinator

During the last years, the interest in the use of shore power has strongly increased in Flanders. In order to optimize and standardize the possibilities of offering shore power, the Air Quality Plan provides the designation of a shore power coordinator in the context of the application for postponement of the NO2 standards (Flemish Government 2012.03.30). At the meeting of the Environment, Nature and Energy Department (LNE) and the of Mobility and Public Works Department (MOW) dated February 28th, 2012, Mosssine El Kahloun of the Port and Water Policy division was appointed shore power coordinator. Via the Shore Power Platform Consultation, he coordinates the present situation as well as the difficulties and their possible solutions in relation to shore power with all the stakeholders for all Flemish waterways and port areas.