Drinking water coordination

The Flanders Inland Navigation Services Platform is in charge of coordinating drinking water supply.

Strategic objectives

The Flanders Inland Navigation Services Platform pursues the following strategic objectives with regard to drinking water facilities :

  • to coordinate all initiatives to meet the strict needs regarding drinking water facilities;

  • to develop the joint coordinated vision on infrastructure (design, management and maintenance) of drinking water facilities;

  • to standardize the provision and payment system;

  • to coordinate the compilation of a composite index map of drinking water facilities.


The different Flemish port services and inland navigation managers implemented several local actions to optimally utilize the possibilities for providing shore power and waste collection. However, more efforts are required for drinking water.

  1. Standardization of the drinking water provision and payment system

    The shore power provision and payment system which is to be organized centrally and is being developed within the framework of the TEN-T shore power project allows for the future integration of drinking water points.

    The web services needed for this are still to be developed and harmonized with the local management systems of water managers.

  2. Extension of the drinking water network

    The Flanders Inland Navigation Services Platform is taking up the challenge to extend the number of drinking water points in Flanders. To that end, the Department of Mobility and Public Works must play a coordinating role to ensure the connection of drinking water points to the central system.